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beyond-design accidents, core-melt accidents



Dr. W. Hering, INR, KIT,

and others






Beyond-design accidents, core melt accidents


fundamentals of nuclear technology

Goal of the course

introduction to the phenomena in serious accidents in pressurized water reactors and their impact introduction to probabilistic safety analysis (PSA)


The course "beyond-design accidents, core melt accidents" starts with an overview of design and beyond-design end accidents, taking into account historical accidents. Based on these real core-melt accidents the stages, phenomena and processes are introduced. These are explained with experimental observations. The simulation of such scenarios requires models applicable to two-phase thermohydraulics, material behaviour in the presence of phase change, core material relocation, chemical reactions, aerosol/particle chemistry and physics. Currently available codes are presented and applied in exercises with an integral severe accident code. In addition, the concept of plant-internal emergency measures is presented and shown in exercises.

The basics of PSA 1 + 2 are presented and deepened on the basis of current examples and deterministic analysis.


Dr. W. Hering, INR, KIT, and others


04.11. - 07.11.2019, 9 am to 5 pm daily


KIT Campus North, IKET, Building 419, Room 103 ??

Dead line for application:  21.10.2019

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